Agia Paraskevi Syvota

It is the fourth largest island of Sivota. Located in the southern part of the area of Sivota bordered by Perdika. Its length is about 200m. and something less than 30m altitude. The picturesque chapel is its characteristic.

Opposite Agia Paraskeui and about 200 meters far. is one of the 20 beautiful beaches of Sivota and approximately 3km. from our Cottages.

Agios Nikolaos Syvota

It is the second largest island of Sivota out of the eight islands in the region. It is full of very dense and varied vegetation. Only wild animals that find refuge there, can wade across it. This peculiarity led an ancient ruler of the metropolitan area that has not yet been identified historically, to build a small hidden fortress where he withdrew to avoid several dangerous attacks especially from sea.

Today there are visible remains of this fortress mostly covered with wild vegetation . Its size does not exceed 50 m² . This fort should probably have been built in the era of Byzantine times.

Mavronoros Sivota

Mavronoros Sivota is the largest island of Sivota. It is full of very dense and varied vegetation. It is uninhabited so the rich flora covering is protected. On the eastern side lies Pisina, the famous beach with golden sand which satisfies the preferences of many visitors. The shades of blue in the area of Pisina get incredible forms and dare you to go and enjoy it. And do not forget when you visit the islands of Sivota prepare a good camera. It will be a shame if you do not capture views of the cave on the western side of the island Mavronoros.

Mourtemeno Syvota

Mourtenemo Sivota is the cape we see on our right hand when we look towards the sea after the chapel of Agios Georgios as we cross the road which leads to Sivota. The cape is located on the left of two small islands called Choironisi and constitute the visual extension of the cape.