Beautiful Parga is located about 35 km from Sivota Parga can be visited starting from Sivota, following the coastal road. If one follows the National Highway he/she will cover a few more miles but will arrive sooner following the coastal winding road.

The traditional cobbled streets and old picturesque houses impress guests. The amphitheatrical view of Parga from the sea and the small island in front in the leeward harbor highlight the beauty of Parga even more.


Perdika is located 12km south of Sivota. It is literally smothered in green. Sea and greenery rotate harmonically and give a wonderful set. Perdika is the ''foster sibling'' of Sivota. Nature has endowed with unparalleled beauty these two villages and most importantly has compounded them with the same formula. Green and blue is all over at an amazing extent. Every May 2 the great feast of St. Athanasios takes place where many people flock from many areas.


Plataria is 12 km from Sivota.It was and still is a fishing spot. So connoisseurs of fish can rely on the taverns of Plataria for good fish. Every August 6 the great sardine festival takes place gathering crowds of visitors.

Rizo Filliaton

Rizo Filiaton is a small community located 50 km from Sivota. The remarkable feature of Rizo is Nerotrivia installed where waterfalls of the small tributary of Thyamis crossing from there make this possible, along with the traditional mill that activate neighboring facilities of Nerotrivia with millstones etc. The visitor needs a good camera to capture amazing landscapes both Nerotrivi and the mill as well as the route of the tributary of Thyamis that has water even in August. Rizo is also an unknown spot in Greece well worth a visit to admire the magic of the natural landscape and buy, if you want , genuine white or yellow whole wheat corn flour from the local traditional miller.