Acheron is the famous river for which the ancient Greeks believed that its waters led men's souls to Hades, the realm of Pluto. There, they believed that Charon the boatman, as Lucian mentions, carried the souls of people who due to death abandoned life, with his boat to the Underworld for an obol.

The relatively short distance from Sivota gives an opportunity to the visitors who will have the chance to be hosted in our cottages to schedule a visit to Acheron as well. If your visit there takes place in hot days, which we highly recommend, you will be compensated by the coolness spread around by the holy river of the ancient Greeks and the generously offered coolness of the towering oaks and especially by the huge trees on its banks.

If our guests love rafting they will have the opportunity to test their skills harnessing the rapids of the river with their boat. The total distance between Sivota and Acheron does not exceed 50km.

Vrachanas of Syvota

Vrachnas of Sivota is the mountain that rises on the east side of Sivota. This small mountainous mass extends from St. Georgios (chapel) to the area of Partridge directed north-south and has a maximum altitude of 636m.

A new paved road 6km. which is continued by another 4km. dirt road leads to the highest point of Vrachana. In the distant past there was a prehistoric settlement with acropolis. Few ruins bear witness to the fact.

The stunning views reach Kefalonia.Lefkada, Paxoi-Antipaxoi, Sivota and Corfu and can be seen by the visitors from above and they can be admired below them ! The famous festival which takes place every July in the chapel of Prophet Elias Vrachana makes the stay of our guests particularly enjoyable.


Dimokastro is located on the heights of Parga. There are remains of an ancient castle that allow visitors,who decide to experience our hospitality, to visit when they plan a visit to Parga.


To reach Dodoni, one has to travel about 50 km on Egnatia highway after crossing another 20 miles to the intersection of Ladochori or Kareri to reach the relevant intersection that leads to the ancient oracle and the ancient theater.

It is the center of Epirus from the time of King Pyrrhus (296-272 BC). Dodoni was to become the religious center of the whole ancient world. The sacred oracle of Dodoni met great glory since the Pelasgon era that is dated before 3000 BC. On the arrival of Helen post 1,200 BC, which was a great seer (as was his sister Cassandra), blessed by god Apollo, according to Greek mythology, the oracle of Dodoni experienced major growth.

Alexander the Great whose mother Molossus Olympiad (Myrtali was her first name as well as Polixeni and Stratoniki) promised his mother the astronomical amount for that time of 1,500 talents to reform the oracle of Dodoni and the area around.

However , because of his premature death the reformation of Dodoni was not accomplished . Eventually the great reformation of Dodoni was made by ​​King Pyrrhus several years later. The vanguard of Dodoni, not only on a national level but also at a European, lies in the fact that Zeus was first worshiped there.