Agia Paraskevi of Syvota

Agia Paraskeui of Sivota is the fourth largest island of Sivota, located in the southern part of the area of Sivota bordering Perdika. Its length is about 200m. and its altitude something less than 30m. The picturesque chapel is its main characteristic . Opposite Agia Paraskevi and about 200 meters far. is one of the 20 beautiful beaches of Sivota, approximately 3km. from our Cottages.

French Molos or Cove of Syvota

French Molos or Cove of Sivota is one of the longest beaches of Sivota with its shallow waters, a short distance from the main beach. Friends who happen to have small children, can get there by car for a swim. In addition, small children can play football in a mini soccer pitch measuring approximately 40m. X 20m.which is enclosed with a safety net, constructed a short distance from the French Molo.

Zavia of Sivota

Zavia of Sivota is a small and narrow beach surrounded by olive trees on the right and on the left side, and a relatively short distance from the village of Sivota. The customers of our cottages will have the opportunity to regularly reach this beach because of the short distance from our facilities that is about 1.500m.

Zeri Perry of Syvota

Zeri Perry of Sivota is an overgrown beach in the northern part of the village of Sivota. Its characteristic is the incomplete and roofless ruined namesake tower which rises to the respective wooded hill. Here,guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the leeward harbor and even taste the delicacies offered by the seaside restaurant there. There is an organized waterslide near the beach for the little ones. The distance from our complex does not exceed 2.5 km.